вторник, марта 08, 2005

Baby, I dream between the blade and the tongue

Of the rose on your cheek, the wounded and dumb.
We stumble and fall, we stumble and fall -
Skin on skin but there's heaven in...

Heaven's in here,
Heaven's in here -
Among the twilight and stars,
Like a rocket to Mars
Heaven in here

The first and the last are telling it all -
Telling you loud but selling it small.
I'm taking a swing at this shadow of mine,
Crucifix hangs an' my heart's in my mouth,
But it's here

Heaven in one sigh,
Heaven in two eyes,
Heaven lies between your marbled thighs...
The rustle of your falling gown...

We stumble and fall, like tragedy falls -
We stumble and twirl, there's heaven in here,
We stumble and fall, uncertain we fall,
Flesh on flesh but there's heaven in...
Heaven's in here

You'll dance to my tongue, we'll dance on the sun -
We're the twilight and stars,
There's heaven in here...

David Bowie
"Heaven is in here"
From "Tin Machine"

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